Shine Bright EYM is excited to release its latest staff health and wellbeing initiative with the publication and distribution of a Wellbeing Journal. Coinciding with Early Childhood Educator’s Day, the Wellbeing Journal will be provided to all staff, volunteers, students, and support workers who attend one of the 35 Shine Bright kindergartens in Victoria. The Wellbeing Journal is an organisational initiative to support staff to strength their wellbeing and mental health, aiming to support staff through connection with the broader community. 

Wellbeing isn’t just about self-care. In a workplace there are industry, organisation and individual aspects to wellbeing.

“The Wellbeing Journal has been an amazing initiative! The past two years have been extremely challenging for all early childhood professionals, with COVID impacting daily activities. The introduction of a Wellbeing Journal to support staff with their own self-care to maintain self-confidence and self-esteem, building resilience and helping to feel well rested and energised will have an ongoing impact for all staff.” said Suzi Sordan, CEO of Shine Bright.

Social Worker and Art Therapist, Amelia Johnson led a team of dedicated staff to produce the journal where they have identified staff wellbeing as a key priority. Amelia commented, “The staff of the 35 Shine Bright kindergartens are a strong and inclusive group of people who value relationships, community and wellbeing. Through looking after our own wellbeing, we can then in turn provide our  children with a safe place where  they can express emotion, build resilience and establish meaningful relationships. We are very proud to have created the Wellbeing Journal with multiple modalities through which to explore wellbeing. We hope to encourage participation through a collective experience and look forward to being able to continue this work.”

“We wish to thank the staff of all Shine Bright kindergartens for their ongoing support and dedication through the past few difficult years” quoted Suzi Sordan, “the benefits to families and the community by our dedicated staff have not gone unrecognised, and we wish to acknowledge this on Early Childhood Educator’s Day with the release of the journal.”

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