Member of Parliament Ingrid Stitt paid a special visit to the newly reopened Shine Bright EYM Rochester Kindergarten today, following the heartbreaking floods that rendered their previous site unusable. With the support of the community and local authorities, the dedicated staff and children have embraced a fresh beginning in a purpose-built modular relocatable building at the Rochester High School site.

The devastating floods that struck the beloved town left a trail of destruction, affecting the lives of many residents and businesses. Rochester Kindergarten, a cherished educational facility nurturing the young minds of our community, was among those affected. However, the spirit of resilience and determination prevailed as the local community rallied together to ensure that the children’s educational journey continued uninterrupted.

In recognition of their tenacity and adaptability, MP Ingrid Stitt visited the Rochester Kindergarten to witness firsthand the remarkable progress made in reestablishing the essential learning environment for the young ones. The children, filled with excitement and gratitude, warmly welcomed the distinguished guest and eagerly showcased their new site, equipment and playground.

The purpose-built modular relocatable building, situated at the Rochester High School site, is a testament to the collaborative efforts made by various stakeholders. Through their unwavering support, the community has provided the children with a beautiful and safe space to continue their educational journey, fostering their growth, and inspiring their imaginations.

During her visit, MP Ingrid Stitt expressed her admiration for the Rochester Kindergarten community, praising their strength and resilience in the face of adversity. She emphasized the importance of investing in early childhood education and recognized the role played by the educators in shaping the future leaders of our society.

“It is truly heartening to witness the Rochester Kindergarten community’s unwavering determination to provide a nurturing environment for our children,” Shine Bright CEO Suzi Sordan remarked. “Their ability to overcome the challenges presented by the floods and create a new space filled with hope and learning is truly commendable. I am inspired by their resilience and the community spirit that drives them forward.”

The children, beaming with joy, eagerly shared their experiences with MP Ingrid Stitt. They took pride in their new facilities, where they can learn, play, and grow alongside their peers. The children shared with MP Ingrid Stitt their appreciation, showcased the values instilled within them, as they expressed gratitude for their resilient community, supportive families, what they love about their world, and the opportunities bestowed upon them.

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