Playgroups are social gatherings for parents and their young children, typically under five years old, to come together and engage in play-based activities. These gatherings provide an opportunity for children to socialize and develop their social and emotional skills, while also providing parents with a supportive network of other parents.

In Bendigo, there are numerous playgroups available for families to join. Some playgroups are called “Supported Playgroups”. They are for families who may require extra support. At a supported playgroup families can seek out advice, find information about support services and
extend their social network. Playgroups may meet at local parks, community centers, or other public spaces.

To help parents easily find and join playgroups in the Bendigo region, a new resource has been developed. This resource lists all the playgroups in the area, along with information on their location, meeting times, and contact information. Parents can use this resource to find playgroups that best fit their needs and schedules.

By joining a playgroup, parents can provide their children with a fun and engaging environment to develop their social skills and make new friends. Additionally, parents can also benefit from the support and advice of other parents who may be going through similar experiences. With the new resource available, finding a playgroup in Bendigo has never been easier.


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