The Department has launched two new webpages to support participation of CALD families in early childhood programs.

The Kinder Translations webpage is designed to be used by CALD families.

  • It provides translated information about the benefits of kindergarten, financial supports available and career opportunities.
  • All content – included written, video and audio materials – is translated into 30 languages.

The Supporting CALD families webpage is designed to be used by the early childhood sector (including services, peak bodies and stakeholders).

  • It provides resources and information to help the sector engage with or support CALD families in their community.
  • The page includes translated resources and information on programs relevant to CALD participation including the CALD Outreach Initiative delivered by 22 local councils, Early Start Kinder (ESK) and Access to Early Learning (AEL).

The Victorian Kinder Resources Portal allows services to order printed materials free of charge, at no cost to the service (in English and in translation). Subject to approval, all costs of printing and delivery are covered by the Department.

New videos in Afghan community languages about Early Years and Kindergarten to School transitions

Foundation House is excited to offer this new series of Kindergarten to School videos in three Afghan community languages Dari, Pashto and Hazaragi -which were co-designed through extensive consultation with communities from Afghanistan in Victoria supported by the Department of Education.

The full version of each language video is now available on the Foundation House website along with our other videos in Arabic, Dinka, Chin Hakha and Karen here.

The videos are being disseminated within communities and are a valuable resource that educators and workers can share with families to support their engagement in Early Years services and Education.

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