This dynamic webinar examines through presentation slides, video, expert panel discussions and audience Q&A how to build children’s resilience

Duration: 3 Hours
Cost: $342

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Join us from the comfort of your home work environment for our NEW online delivery of Early Childhood Play Matters. As with the Face to Face event, our online event is also a SCHOOL READINESS FUNDING APPROVED PD.

This dynamic webinar will reinforce through presentation slides, video, expert panel discussions and audience Q&A the importance of play and intentional teaching, and how play provides essential foundations for life. It also discusses what constitutes best practice in a high-quality early childhood program.

Our online panel of Walker Learning experts have amassed over 50 years of experience, not just as Walker Learning Consultants but also as teachers and past Directors of Kindergartens and Early Childhood Learning Centres. They bring their expertise and knowledge to the discussion about the importance of play-based learning.

We will encourage interaction throughout the day with polls and quizzes, we have a comment board where we will invite you to share your thoughts and post questions for our experts.

This webinar aims to equip early childhood educators with evidence and affirmation about the value of play. It focuses on the importance of relationships; developing authentic, culturally appropriate and inclusive practice; enhancing children’s learning through ‘scaffolding’; rich, engaging environments; intentional teaching; and planning for and documenting children’s learning and development effectively.

Participants explore the theory of play and learn how neuroscience informs understanding about children’s development. We will introduce innovative ways to ‘add value’ to the teaching of literacy, numeracy, STEM and life skills, and strategies to encourage children to explore learning through investigations linked to intentional teaching in all curricular areas.

This session is based on the 2015 book Early Childhood Play Matters, by Kathy Walker (OAM) and Shona Bass. A copy of the book is included in scheduled and online sessions booked at

Suitable for educators of children birth to 5 years of age.

Australian Professional Teaching Standards: APTS – 1.1, 3.7, 6.4,7.3 National Quality Standard: QA – 1, 3, 5, 6, 7

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