BEst Start, Best Life. Learn More about Free Kindergarten in Victoria…

The State Government $9 billion education reform is being rolled out across Victoria – Best Start, Best Life, which includes free 3 and 4 Year Old Kindergarten. Free 15 hours for 3 year old’s and moving towards free 30 hours of kindergarten for 4 year olds (Pre-Prep). This commitment to education reform aligns us with the United Kingdom and Netherlands as world leaders in early years. Shine Bright is embracing this policy change and commitment from our government by leading and implementing this change. This type of policy reform and monetary commitment is a significant commitment, and it shows that our Victorian government values and has high regard for early years education, its teachers and educators, children and families.  

Free kindergarten is an opt-in or opt-out opportunity and as part of opting in, providers sign up to the terms and conditions connected to this additional funding. One of these conditions is that as an organisation we will maximize our capacity to meet demands.  

Offering two years of consistent education with the same team of educators and with the same environment offers the strongest opportunity to maximise these outcomes for all involved. Attachment and relationships are crucial to enabling the best education possible for our children and families.   

As an organization dedicated to early childhood education, Shine Bright fully embraces and supports this policy change and the commitment shown by the government. The significant investment in education demonstrates the high value placed on early years education, educators, children, and families in our state.  

Indeed, this is an exciting time for early childhood education in Victoria, and Shine Bright is wholeheartedly dedicated to working to create a brighter future for our children.  

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