This section of our website details the key aspects of the governance framework and practices of Shine Bright EYM (Shine Bright).  We regularly review our governance framework and practices to ensure they reflect the provision of our services and meet our key stakeholder expectations.

The Constitution

The primary governance document for Shine Bright is its Constitution, which was last updated and approved on 29 May 2019.

To view our Constitution click HERE.


The Board

The Board is responsible for setting and reviewing the strategic direction of Shine Bright and for monitoring the implementation of that strategy by Executive Management.

The Board operates in line with a Board Charter.

To view our Board Charter click HERE.

Click HERE for a list of our Board members.


Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is responsible for the day to day management of the organisation with all delegations authorised by the Board.


Board Committees

The function of the Board is assisted by the use of Board Committees, of which there are currently two – Audit Committee and Governance Committee.

To view our Audit Committee Charter click HERE.

To view our Governance Committee Charter click HERE.

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