We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in becoming a relief educator with Shine Bright EYM. As we endeavour to provide the highest quality service within our kindergartens, it is imperative that our educators are qualified and experienced in working in early childhood. Should you not have any experience in early childhood, we strongly recommend that you volunteer at kindergartens of interest in your area to gain valuable experience in the field. Volunteer work can be arranged with your preschool of choice directly and current employee working with children checks are required. Applicants who do not endeavour to undertake volunteer work may result in being unsuccessful in gaining relief employment.  

We are happy to accept applications even though you are still studying your certificate III however, they will not be processed and you will not be able to commence employment until you have completed all the course studies. Bachelor students are also welcome to apply, however you need to have completed the first two years of your course (full time study) and supply proof of enrolment. If you have any concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our office. 

A range of tasks must be undertaken by any permanent or casual educator prior to being engaged to work with children.   

Shine Bright has broken these tasks into stages: 

Stage One Online Induction
Stage Two Staff Employment Pack
Stage Three Induction DVD (It is recommended that you watch this before commencing)
Stage Four Orientation to the service on Relievers first time working at the service

Stage One – Online Induction

Applicants are required to pre-read the following Shine Bright EYM policies and complete the below questionnaire.

Policies to Read

Click Here To Read the Policies

Child Protection

Via the links below, please complete the online training eLearning  modules in order to gain your certificate of completion.

  • Protecting Children – Mandatory Reporting and other Obligations for the Early Childhood Sector

Please print certificate of completion and submit with your Educator Employment Pack – Refer to STAGE TWO below

  • Centre of Excellence in Child & Family Welfare eLearning module:

‘Reportable Conduct’.

Please take a screen shot or print a copy of the ‘Congratulatons’ page at the end of the training and submit with you Educator Employment Pack – Refer to STAGE TWO below

Policy Questionnaire & Employee handbook

After reading these policies please complete the Policy Questionnaire, it should take approximately 20 minutes to complete if you have read the policies. You will require an email address to complete login details and once finished you will be provided with a certificate that is to be included with your relief employment application. 

 Employee Handbook

Stage Two – Educator Employment Pack

Stage Three – Induction DVD

Stage TWO - Educator Employment Pack

Our Educator Employment Pack consists of a number of important documents including the collection of basic contact details, times you are available to work, induction procedures, training and more.  

Copies of our Staff Employment Pack can be downloaded from the link above, collected in person from our office, posted or emailed.   

Application for New Shine Bright EYM Staff Member

Payroll and Bank Details

Fair Work Information Statement


Please Note: Tax File Number Declaration Forms are now downloadable from 

Please print the Tax File Declaration form and send the original copy to Shine Bright. 

Please complete the entire pack (where applicable) and return to our office at 53 Wills Street, Bendigo. 

Once your file is processed you will be contacted to discuss volunteer days, Flexibuzz registration for availability and  collection of your name badge and display folder. 

Stage Three - Induction DVD

As part of our induction process a DVD has been developed to educate new educators on our procedures and expectations when working with Shine Bright EYM.

Please click here to access the Shine Bright EYM Induction DVD and find accompanying literature listed below:

LMPA Vision Statement (184 KB)

DET Emergency Management Plan (277 KB)

Shine Bright EYM – Leadership Team – Roles and Availability

ACECQA link 

OHS Early Years core sheets 

Injury hotspots 


Once viewed please complete the Shine Bright EYM Staff Induction Checklist stage 1, 2 & 3 and return signed to LMPA.

Newly Appointed PERMANENT STAFF only - Law and Regs

This questionnaire will strengthen knowledge about the Education and Care Services National Law Act and Regulations so that you are better equipped to fulfil your role as Responsible Person in Charge. To complete this questionnaire you are required to read the Education and Care services National Law Act 2010 (Part 6 Operating an Education and Care Service, pages 114-128) and the Education and Care Services National Regulations (Chapter 4 Operational Requirements, pages 92-193). Before commencing you will be prompted for your email address. 

 Click Here for Law and Regulations Questionnaire

Once you have completed the entire Educator Employment Pack, please return in person, post or email to our office at 53 Wills Street, Bendigo.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure of our Educator Employment Pack, please do not hesitate in contacting our office.

Shine Bright EYM uniforms  can be purchased from Boltons Office Equipment, Bendigo.  For further information, please call Boltons on ph: 5440 5600 

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