Pay your fees


There are many ways families/guardians can pay fees. The following are the specific details of each option: 

1. By Internet Banking or at any Bendigo Branch or agency 

Our bank details are as follows:  

Account Name – Shine Bright EYM Operating Account 

BSB – 633 000 

Account no. – 161120837 

Child code – (provided on your welcome letter) 

2. Debit and/or credit card  facilities – “EFTPOS”

Please contact the Shine Bright EYM office to provide card details over the phone or visit our office in person to process.  

 3. Payment plans by either direct debit or Centrepay (the relevant form will be sent to you upon request)

Choose either 

A. Direct debit – Families can elect to set up a direct debit schedule to have fees paid directly from their account to Shine Bright EYM. A timeframe can be set so that the facility automatically ceases when a full year of fees are paid. If payments are rejected, the bank fee will be charged to the families. Direct Debit payment plans are processed only on Fridays.  

B. Centrepay – is a direct bill paying service available to customers who receive a Centrelink payment. Families can elect to have a portion of their Centrelink benefits paid directly to Shine Bright EYM each fortnight for a period that ensures fees will be completely paid. Payments can also be time limited or stopped at any time. 

C. Self-managed payment plan setting up your own direct payment from your bank account to ours via internet banking.  


NB: Fees- Payment plans must be paid totally by the end of term 4.  

 Fee policy – Shine Bright 

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