Shine Bright EYM works closely with staff, volunteer parent advisory groups and families to consider and develop strong policies that respond to the needs of children. The guidance provided by up-to-date research, Government Regulations and quality frameworks supports our kindergarten communities in the consideration of policies that guide our everyday practise and helps us maintain very high standards for children.

Shine Bright EYM is committed to child safety by providing a supportive, caring and safe learning environment for all children.

Shine Bright EYM Child Safe Statement of Commitment

Quality Area 1 – Educational program and practice
Quality Area 2 – Children’s health and safety

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy – Shine Bright (92 KB) 

Administration of First Aid Policy v2 With Checklist – Shine Bright

Administration of Medication Policy with Medical Record v3.0  – Shine Bright 

Anaphylaxis Policy – Shine Bright  V3.0

Asthma Management – Shine Bright V3.0

Child Safe Environment V5.0 – Shine Bright

Court Orders Relating to Family Law – Shine Bright

Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy v3.0 – Shine Bright

Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy V4.1 – Shine Bright

Delivery and Collection of Children Policy v3.0 – Shine Bright

Diabetes Policy – Shine Bright V3

Emergency and Evacuation Policy – Shine Bright V3

Epilepsy Policy – Shine Bright V3.0

Excursions, Service Events and Regular Outings Policy – Shine Bright V4

Food Safety Policy v1.0 – Shine Bright    

Healthy Eating Oral Health and Active Play Policy – Shine Bright V3

Hygiene Policy Sept2016v2.1 – Shine Bright

Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy – Shine Bright V3

Mental Health and wellbeing and safe environments policy v1.0 Shine Bright 

Relaxation and Sleep Policy.V2.0 – Shine Bright 


Road Safety And Safe Transport Policy – Shine Bright

Sun Protection Policy.v3 – Shine Bright (360 KB)

Supervision of Children Policy – Shine Bright v3.0 (198 KB)

Tobacco Control v1.0 – Shine Bright (263 KB)

Water Safety Policy v 2.0 – Shine Bright (231 KB)

Reconciliation Action Plan

Shine Bright EYM acknowledges current and past injustices inflicted upon the Australia’s First Nations People. We would like to move forward with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, both within our regions and across Australia.

Click Here to Download Our RAP.

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