Maiden Gully Early Years Hub

Feedback from Family Survey

* Everyone knows my child, her siblings. Greeted by name and knows their interests. It’s a real community

Feedback from Family Survey

* I see with ease that with the two groups my child has been in, that she is 100% well cared for and the optimistic and positive attitude whether it’s early mornings or late nights are always very welcoming for her and the other children.

Feedback from Family Survey

* Celebrating the successes, responding promptly to enquires, and immediately reporting concerns/incidents.

Feedback from Family Survey

* I think the staff have amazing interactions with the children and it’s such a nice feeling to enter your centre and see the staff engaging and bonding with the children. I feel the staff have a real passion for setting up meaningful experiences and expanding on the children’s learning

Feedback from Family Survey

* I think it’s great that you have a lot of separate rooms to ensure children are grouped with other kids at their level. I also love the amount of singing/hands on time the educators have with the children. 

Feedback from Family Survey

* Staff who know and understand needs of individual children, creative and challenging activities each day, really appreciate commitment to teaching about aboriginal history, culture, language and Auslan 

National Quality Standard Rating – Meeting

Address: 9 Westbury Boulevard, Maiden Gully, VIC 3551 (MAP)


Phone: 03 4416 1099

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Miners: 18 months – 2 yrs

Staff: 2 Capacity: Up to 8 children Welcome to our Miners room:Our dedicated caregivers engage children in sensory play, introduce simple shapes and colours, and encourage social interactions. Providing a safe and nurturing environment where little ones can explore...

Diggers: 1 yrs

Staff: 2 Capacity: Up to 8 children Welcome to our Diggers room:Providing a safe and nurturing environment where little ones can explore and develop their early skills. We prioritize gentle routines, responsive care, and age-appropriate toys to support their growth...

Mini Diggers: 0 – 1 yrs

Staff: 2 Capacity: Up to 8 children Welcome to our Mini Diggers room:Our nurturing caregivers provide a warm and safe environment where infants can develop their senses and form secure attachments. Our goal is to create a loving and stimulating environment that...

Galkangu: 2.5 – 3 yrs

Staff: 3 Capacity: Up to 12 children Welcome to our Galkangu room:We have a variety of age-appropriate toys, puzzles, and sensory materials to engage the children's senses and enhance their fine motor skills. Our educators facilitate hands-on activities that promote...

Pioneers: 2-2.5 yrs

Staff: 4 Capacity: Up to 16 children Welcome to our Pioneers room:Through play-based learning, children are encouraged to explore, experiment, and express themselves. We offer a balance of structured and unstructured play. Our aim is to create a nurturing and...

Prospectors: 20 months – 3 yrs

Staff: 3 Capacity: Up to 12 children Welcome to our Prospectors room:Through play-based learning, toddlers engage in sensory exploration, language development, and gross motor activities. Our caregivers provide a safe and caring atmosphere, building secure attachments...

Engingeers/Fosterville Kinder Sessional: 3-4 yrs

Staff: 2 Capacity: Up to 22 children Welcome to our Engineers and Fosterville Kinder room:Our experienced educators focus on holistic development, fostering social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for the...

Investigators: 3-4 yrs

Staff: 3 Capacity: Up to 33 children Welcome to our Investigators room:This room is all about fostering curiosity and encouraging exploration. Our educators facilitate hands-on activities that promote cognitive development, problem-solving, and early math and literacy...

Discoverers: 4-5 yrs Integrated Kinder

Staff: 3 Capacity: Up to 33 children Welcome to our Discovers Kinder room:Our dedicated educators create an enriching environment that promotes curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. Through a combination of play-based activities, structured lessons, and...

Shine Bright Maiden Gully Hub

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2024 Timetable

All groups are combined 3 & 4 year old programs. To learn more about the benefits of combined groups Click Here…

Engineers – Fosterville Group:  Click Here
Days: Monday & Tuesday
Time: 8.30 am – 4.00 pm

Engineers – Garden Gully Group (rotating model): Click Here
Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Time: 8.30 am- 4.00 pm


Maiden Gully Early Years Hub

Our belief, supported by current research, is that the first thousand days of a child’s life are critical in determining their future successes. 90% of a child’s brain is developed within the first 5 years of their life. Our educational programs are delivered through intentional play based activities that aim to improve each child’s learning and development in the following key areas:

  • Social skills – how to play co-operatively with other children, make new friends and to problem solve and find positive solutions,
  • Provides opportunities for language, literacy and numeracy skills in an authentic setting,
  • Exposes children to new ideas, concepts and critical thinking,
  • Promotes self-awareness and an understanding of their own feelings,
  • Develops a respect for others and empathy towards them, and
  • Develops a sense of community and respect for all cultures, with a specific focus on embedding Aboriginal perspectives and developing a respect for Aboriginal cultures.

Our aspiration for the Early Years Hub is a journey taken over many years which involved visiting many other services both state and interstate. Shine Bright facility will provide high quality kindergarten and stimulating educational environments within long day care programs for the local community. Each room will be run by a qualified teacher and have an educational program. Our learning environment will inspire wonder, creativity and shared learning.

The Maiden Gully Early Years Hub will offer 2 onsite Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Allied and Medical staff to support the children and families. By having these practitioners on site it is envisaged that early assessment of developmental issues, intervention and support will be offered as a wraparound service model for children and their families. This model of education and health provision is strongly supported by the Victorian Government and identified as best practice by early year’s research. It will allow for synergies in case management where dialogue and information sharing between medical, health and education professionals can easily occur to promote the best outcome for each child and their family. This approach is unique and definitely the first kind within regional Victoria!

The facility is also designed to offer high quality professional development and training opportunities for Shine Bright staff (Bachelor, Diploma & Certificate III) and for non-Shine Bright early years staff. Options to partner with third party training entities such as La Trobe University and TAFE are also expected.

The Maiden Gully Early Years Hub will be open weekdays between 7am to 6pm for children aged between 6 weeks to 5 years old. Kindergarten and long day care services will be provided with a focus on education for all ages.

Download our brochure here or view our Table of Quality here.

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To register your interest please click here and complete the booking request via “My Family Lounge” to go on our waitlist

We will review the waitlist regularly, but our availability will continue to be very limited throughout 2024.

A booking request does not guarantee a place.


NOTE: There is no before or after kindergarten care being offered to sessional groups in 2024.

To enroll in our sessional kindergarten, please Click Here to Visit LMPA – space may be limited

To enroll in our integrated program, please contact Reception – space is limited and existing families will be prioritized

Reception (03) 4416 1099 or

This information is current at Dec 2022 and may be subject to change, contact service for further information

Please review our FAQ sheet for further information by Clicking Here

To enroll in our sessional kindergarten, please Click Here to Visit LMPA – space may be limited  

To enroll in our integrated program, please contact Reception – space is limited and existing families will be prioritized

Reception (03) 4416 1099 or

Nominated Supervisor: Belinda

Educational Leader: Belinda

Our Philosophy

In relation to children

Children are central to everything that we do. We are child focused and we view each individual child as capable and competent. We understand that we learn from and with children through the development of close, reciprocal relationships. We believe that play is children’s work and through play they learn about themselves and the world around them. We understand that children’s learning is holistic, individual and happens in conjunction with their social relationships. We believe that children have a right to feel safe and supported. We know that all children are capable of communicating, participating and contributing to and influencing their world regardless of age, gender, ability or background.

 Children are viewed as capable and competent,
Relationships with children.
Children learn through play.
Children learn when they feel safe and have fun.
All children are unique.

In relation to families

We know that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. We understand that supporting children to grow and learn requires a partnership between families and the learning service. We establish these partnerships through open, authentic and collaborative communication. We celebrate families in their diversity and work to embrace and represent each families’ unique culture. We are united by our common commitment to positive outcomes for the children in our shared care.

 Positive close relationships with families
Everyone working together.

In relation to educators

We believe that educators play a pivotal role in children’s learning and development, by

providing for and facilitating children’s learning in a multitude of ways every day. We know as educators, that building trusting relationships with children is foundational to children’s learning and development. Educators sensitively create warm, welcoming and inspiring environments to encourage exploration. Educators support children’s learning by responding to their cues, needs and challenges, following their interests and building on their current knowledge as they scaffold their learning. Educators prioritize engagement with children and sensitively use intentional teaching and holistic curriculum development to ensure that children’s individual and social learning needs are met. All children’s regular educators are respectfully provided with non-contact time in order to participate in the development of children’s learning programs in order to ensure that there are many voices creating the meaningful curriculum.

Our educators know that we can achieve more when working together as a team whilst participating in a collaborative and collegial learning environment. We engage in reflective practice and challenge ways of being and doing, in order to ensure that we are consistently improving our practice. We understand that our commitment to continual professional learning and personal growth provides positive outcomes for children.


Educators follow children’s needs and interests.
Educators scaffold learning.
Educators engage with children.
Collaborative relationships
Planning for learning, sharing learning, making learning visible.
Child focused.

In relation to community

We understand that our learning service is part of a wider community, one in which we support children to engage, have influence and participate. We recognize that we have a responsibility to advocate for children and childhood within and outside of our space and we strive to continuously build meaningful relationships. Our service extends beyond the walls of our building and is made up of a multitude of interconnecting relationships. We display our commitment to professionalism, respect and kindness at all levels; through our interactions we build relationships based on trust. It is important to us to create and maintain a space where everyone feels welcomed and safe.

We are committed to embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives as we continue to develop our own awareness of and connection to Country.

We acknowledge our responsibility to share a love of land and the natural environment with children in order to encourage and foster a loving respect for nature. We work hard to create a sense of place, connectedness and purpose for all.

We believe that our social networks form part of our environment, we support and develop children’s social competence through modelling respectful relationships, scaffolding interactions and providing co-regulation where necessary. We are committed to inclusion and work actively with allied health professionals to ensure that our learning environments are inclusive and supportive.

 Safe, welcoming environment.
Inclusive environment.
Everyone has a voice
Meaningful relationships with community

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