Shine On Podcast

Shine Bright EYM proudly presents Shine On, a podcast series for prospective and current Early Childhood Education Professionals. A podcast to engage, celebrate, and advocate for the Early Years sector through collaborative discussions with early years professionals. Drawing inspiration from our guiding philosophy document The Shine Bright Way, the team will be bringing you a series of conversations, inspirations, and big ideas from all aspects of the Early Childhood Sector.

Shine on podcast emerged after conversations amongst the Early Years team at Shine Bright about how we could share current information, celebrate, and acknowledge the stories from educators and teams that are within the wider community.

The Early Years team has always been inspired by professionals in our sector that continuously keep the joy, make every moment matter, foreground first nations perspectives, be open to complexity, engage in collaborative generative thinking, professionalism, and create meaningful documentation. We wanted to provide these professionals with a contemporary format that can reach multiple audiences to inspire current and prospective early childhood professionals. The idea grew bigger through each conversation to include stories from industry professionals’ sector wide.

For more information, you can find the Shine On podcast team on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to the podcast through your preferred streaming app (e.g. Spotify, apple podcast).


Facebook: Shine On Podcast

Instagram: @shineon_podcast


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