We are looking for expressions of interest for additional support relievers in our regions. To support consistency for the service, we have posted below the available shifts including location, dates and times. Expressions of interests will be booked as received, with preference given to relievers that are able to consistently cover shifts. If you are available for these shifts or would like more information, please email relief@shinebright.org.au or call the relief team 03 4439 9499.

Please note, although we prefer to have additional support shifts filled, where there is a likelihood of closure, we are required to direct available educators into ratio. We appreciate your support in this space.


Flora Hill Kindergarten (Wattle Group) – Wednesday and Fridays – 8.30-4.00. Available 8/03/2024 – 22/03/2024

Huntly Kindergarten (Whirrakee Group) – Wednesdays – 8.15-3.45. Available 6/03/2024 – 27/03/2024

Marong Kindergarten (Possums Group) – Monday and Thursdays – 8.30-4.00. Available 7/03/2024 – 21/03/2024


Echuca South Kindergarten (Batja Group) – Friday – 9.00 – 3.00. Available from 08/03/2024-22/03/2024.

Rochester Kindergarten (Turtles Group) – Thursday and Friday – 9.00-2.00. Available from 07/03/2024-14/03/2024

Swan Hill

Kunawaa Kindergarten (Wiran Group) – Friday – 8.30-4.00. Available from 05/03/2024-27/03/2024

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