International Literacy Day was celebrated Tuesday 9 December. Designated by UNESCO in 1967, is an annual awareness day which marks the importance of literacy to all countries and cultures. International Literacy Day 2020 focus is on literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. “Literacy is not just about educating, it is a unique and powerful tool to eradicate poverty and a strong means for social and human progress.


To promote children’s literacy, C4C Bendigo’s Read, Sing, Talk, Play Together Every Day campaign was developed to increase community awareness of the importance of literacy and language development for children aged 0-5 year olds. The campaign features simple, key messaging on how parent’s and carers can engage with children through reading, singing, talking and playing together every day, and how this supports literacy and healthy brain development.

Parents/carers who read, sing, talk and play with their children every day help to improve their child’s chance to succeed in life and school. Children learn best when they listen and interact with important adults in their lives. Children are born ready to learn – reading, singing, talking and playing together every day promotes imagination, teaches children about language and emotions, and strengthens relationships through shared bonding experiences.

The campaign involved the creation of marketing materials and resources to promote key messages, and was supported by a City of Greater Bendigo Community Grant.

Marketing materials included the development of:

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