The areas which Shine Bright EYM operate have an abundance of Geocaches, waiting to be found.

Geocaching is a modern twist on a treasure hunt, using either a tablet, phone or GPS to locate a hidden container called a geocache. There are literally millions hidden around the world!

Geocaching is a great way to get outdoors, and explore nature.


How to Start

To begin geocaching, you first need to create an account with A premium paid option is available but is unnecessary in the Shine Bright EYM area.

Once an account has been created, the easiest way to start hunting for the elusive cache is to download an app on your phone to help you select which cache you wish to find and how to navigate.

There are several apps available for both Android and IOS devices, some are free and others are paid.

Free Geocaching Apps

C:Geo (Android)

GeoCaches (IOS)


How do I choose a cache?

Geocaches will list information such as what type of cache it is ie. is it a straight forward cache, or is there a puzzle to solve to help locate the cache, how hard it is to find (score out of 5), the size of the cache, the terrain and how far it is from your current location. All this information will help choose the best cache.


Leave feedback

Make sure you bring a pen or pencil. Caches tend to have a sheet of paper to write your name in, but you can also do this electronically in the App. You can also leave feedback for the owner if the cache is damaged or maybe missing.

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