Dear Families & Staff,

We wish to update and remind you all of some of the current COVID settings for services including a significant change for staff and children who have contact COVID-19. 

Update on changes for recent confirmed cases

Changes introduced in the Pandemic (Quarantine, Isolation and Testing) Order effective 11.59pm Friday 18 March 2022 means that staff and children who have recovered from COVID-19 are not required to get tested or isolate if they are re-exposed to a case within 8 weeks of ending their isolation period. This was previously 30 days. After 8 weeks, all persons must follow the relevant advice depending on the type of contact they are.  Therefore, any staff or child aged 3 to 5 years who tested positive and completed their 7-day isolation period are not required to participate in the RAT screening for 8 weeks after their release from isolation.

Face Masks

Staff must wear masks at all time within the service.  There is an exemption from this requirement if they are actively teaching and clear enunciation or visibility of their mouth is essential.  Masks are not compulsory for staff outdoors, however mask wearing is strongly recommended outdoors if physical distance cannot be maintained.

Should there be a need for parents or carers to enter a service, they will need to wear a mask and should take other reasonable steps (for example, social distance from other adults, or sanitise hands).

(Source: The Department of Education and Training – 25 March 2022)

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