A new free hearing App makes it easier to detect issues in preschool children.

An estimated 10% of schoolchildren suffer from hearing loss. Left undetected can lead to speech, learning, and behavioural problems. The Sound Scouts hearing check App is FREE for all school-aged children.

The Sound Scouts App provides an indication of a child’s hearing health and generates an automated report that can be shared with parents. This report details the child’s listening abilities, in quiet and in noise. It’s game based so it’s fun and easy to use. More than 570 schools have now adopted the App to help identify the increasing number of hearing issues in school-age students. The App is endorsed by Hearing Australia.

Schools and early learning centres can adopt the hearing check program by simply downloading the Sound Scouts App onto an Apple iPad or Android tablet, you’ll require a set of good quality headphones (Sennheiser HD100 or 300’s recommended) and a quiet room. Testing takes approximately 6-8 mins per child.

To find out more go to the Sound Scouts School website: https://www.soundscouts.com.au/schools or download the flyer.

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