Three-Year-Old Kindergarten is coming to City of Greater Bendigo and Swan Hill Rural City Council.

Do you know a child who will be three in 2022?

Every child deserves the opportunity to have the best start. That’s why funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten will be available in the from 2022. This means an extra year of learning, playing and making friends for children.

From next year, Shine Bright EYM will be offering five hours a week of a funded Three-YearOld Kindergarten program. In a kindergarten program, qualified teachers support children by offering them a range of learning experiences and activities that are both stimulating and fun. Your child’s learning and curiosity will be encouraged through experiences and activities such as exploring the natural world, being exposed to new ideas and solving problems.

Just like with Four-Year-Old Kindergarten, Three-Year-Old Kindergarten programs will be tailored to meet the needs of children. Qualified teachers support children’s learning and development through play-based learning.

Play-based learning is how young children learn best. It helps them to build important skills such as language, maths and science concepts, how to manage their emotions and get along with others. Children also develop their imagination, curiosity and a love of learning when learning through play.

Research shows that two years of quality kindergarten are better than one.

Talk to us about how to enrol today / More information will be made available soon about how you can enrol.

For more information, ask our staff or visit

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