Flora Hill Kindergarten

Previously known as South Bendigo Kindergarten

National Quality Standard Rating – Exceeding

Address: 23 Somerville Street, Flora Hill VIC 3550 MAP

Email: florahill@shinebright.org.au

Phone: 03 5443 3861

2024 Timetimtable

All groups are combined 3 & 4 year old programs. To learn more about the benefits of combined groups Click Here…

Group 1
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 8.30 am – 4.00 pm

Group 2
Days: Wednesday & Friday
Time: 8.30 am- 4.00 pm

Educational Team

Nominated Supervisor: Milly

Educational Leader: Milly

Educational Team:  Julie-Ann, Kellie, Milly & Shannon



Enrolments for Bendigo and Swan Hill Shine Bright Kindergartens are processed through Central Enrolments at Loddon Mallee Preschool Association (LMPA). Information on how to enrol into a Shine Bright Kindergarten can be found on the LMPA website or contact details below.

W: www.lmpa.org.au
E: enrolments@lmpa.org.au
P: 03 5443 1229

Our Philosophy

Flora Hill Kindergarten is located on Dja Dja Wurrung Country. Our Kinder is a bright, open space offering multiple possibilities for children and families. This is a creative space for connection through play based learning. Our yard is filled with mature trees and garden, providing shade, and supporting children’s exploration of the natural environment. Here, we connect with and learn from Country every day. We take our shoes off, this tunes us into place.

 How our kindergarten space feels

It is important for us as teachers, to create a space where all children, families and members of the community walk into our kindergarten and feel the sense of welcome, comfort and safety.

 We aspire to create a space children & educators can be kind, caring and inviting and also confident, independent and courageous.

 We can’t promise it will always be quiet and calm, but we can promise to provide moments of our day or areas in our space where we can be. (At kinder this looks likes relaxation time, quiet chill out areas, cubbies, couches & cosy corners)

What we teach, how we teach?

As teachers we are committed to critically reflective practice. We research alongside children, documenting our shiny moments of learning. In a busy and fast pace environment we remind ourselves to slow down, tune into the children’s wonderings and weave their ideas into a web of into wonderful learning opportunities.

This web forms our program where children, educators and family’s ideas are displayed and followed through. No matter how big, small or quirky the wondering may be.

Children’s Voice

Children’s voices are the building blocks/foundation of our kindergarten. This is their place to learn, grow, connect, explore, imagine, speak out and so much more. We inspire/uplift children to lead their learning journey and guide them along the way. (This looks like decision making, daily planning, documenting their learning through the pictures they take & having conversations about what is important to them across the days.)

Our kindergarten is a journey

Children are researching life, they build their own curriculum, they capture what is important in their worlds. Cultivating joy and wonder to develop their identity/individuality.

We value children’s processes into meaning making -a final outcome is not the focus. (This looks like viewing each child holistically, being open to creative expression and embracing the magic of childhood)

Community & connection

We like to think of our kindergarten as a small community or village where we all gather together, share ideas, get to know each other’s special quirks, our families, and the things we love. Building strong and supportive connections between children and teachers, families and teachers and children and their peers.


Before any form of education, families are a child’s first teacher.

Families know their child best, and we want to work collaboratively together to share knowledge and work collaboratively in the best interest of each child.

We know children will feel calm and comfortable when they know their family and educators have a great relationship. That is why we value building long term connections with families, often across multiple years and siblings.

See what we’re about below…

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