Heathcote Kindergarten

National Quality Standard Rating – Exceeding

Address: Corner Herriot Street & Camp Street, Heathcote VIC 3523 MAP

Phone: 03 5433 2068

Email: heathcote@shinebright.org.au


Enrolments for Bendigo and Swan Hill Shine Bright Kindergartens are processed through Central Enrolments at Loddon Mallee Preschool Association (LMPA). Information on how to enrol into a Shine Bright Kindergarten can be found on the LMPA website or contact details below.

W: www.lmpa.org.au
E: enrolments@lmpa.org.au
P: 03 5443 1229

Heathcote Kindergarten has a rotating kindergarten model

2024 Timetable

All groups will be combined 3 & 4 year old programs. To learn more about the benefits of combined groups Click Here…

Group 1
Days: Monday & Tuesday
Time: 8.30 am – 4.00 pm

Group 2
Days: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Time: 9.00 am – 2.00 pm

Educational Team

Nominated Supervisor – Carly

Educational Leader – Carly

Educational Team: Carly, Jess, Michelle & Sam

Our Philosophy

Educators Voice:

 We believe children need to be given the opportunity to express themselves through play.  Play allows children expression of personality and uniqueness, it enhances children’s curiosity and creativity, play can enable children to make connection between prior experiences and new learning, and it assists children to develop relationships and concepts and stimulates a sense of wellbeing.

 We believe families are the first teachers in life and that privilege deserves recognition and respect.   Therefore, we need to be mindful of our family’s culture, beliefs and values in their children’s learning and offer support in their parenting practices and their wellbeing.  We believe when families continue all forms of learning in their home environment this reinforces the message from the educators and gives the child confidence in their ability to learn.

 Safety is of the upmost importance when it comes to caring and educating children.  We must advocate for the children where possible and pay attention to our duty of care.  We do this by following confidentiality practices, maintaining ratios to provide our best possible supervision and assisting to encourage personal health and wellbeing.  We believe that each educator is unique and by contributing to the planning process we end up with a varied and inclusive program.

 Parents Voice:

 I love the structure that is provided for the children.  I feel it sets them up better for school rather than open play all day.

It is important for the children to feel comfortable at kinder and to be able to share their feelings.

I love how easy and open the educators are to talk to whether I have made an appointment or if I just need five minutes after session, there’s always a resolution before I leave.

When you first walk into the kindergarten it is presented beautifully, I feel this is important as it makes the children excited to go to kinder and play.

 Children’s Voice:

 I love that the teachers make me feel good by giving a big cuddle if I’m feeling sad or missing my Mum.

We need to share at kinder and include everybody in our play

We need to make sure use our words and talk nicely to our friends.

I like it when we ask for a toy from the shed or the store room to play with and the teachers get it out for us.


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