Neale Street North Kindergarten

National Quality Rating Standard – Meeting

Address: 7 Neale Street, Bendigo VIC 3550 MAP


Phone: 03 5443 7070

Neale Street 2020


Educational Team

Nominated Supervisor: Claire

Educational Leader: Claire

Educational Team: Claire, Rosa, Yvette,, Jacqui, Simone & Julie


Our educators have provided some answers to some ‘frequently asked questions’ to assist you in developing a better understanding of the kindergarten.

Neale Street FAQ

Our Philosophy

Our service philosophy has been developed by educators in collaboration with families in the kindergarten community.
It is influenced by the research and theories of Piaget, Bronfenbrenner and Vygotsky and guided by the EYLF Principles, Practices and learning outcomes.
The philosophy will be reflected in our daily practice working with children and families, and it will be used to inform all decisions made by educators and volunteer parent committee.

The Learning Environment:

We aim to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment where children and families feel a sense of belonging.
The abilities and diversities of all children and their families will be respected and celebrated.
The learning environment will provide inviting and intimate play spaces for individual and small group learning, as well as open spaces for physical activity and group learning experiences in both the indoor and outdoor environments.

Family Involvement:

We welcome and encourage family involvement in all aspects of our centre and the program.
We acknowledge that each family is unique and that our relationship with them is important to the success of their child’s learning and development. We endeavour to develop positive, strong partnerships with families which will support their child’s learning through contribution of knowledge and ideas for shared goals and shared decision making when planning for their child. We will promote a continuity of learning between kindergarten and home

Planning for Learning:

Children’s voice: The program will be based on the children’s strengths and interests and will provide opportunity for long blocks of uninterrupted play. We will observe and listen to the children at play as well as actively seek their thoughts and opinions when planning for their learning.
Family’s Voice: We recognise that families are a valuable resource when planning and setting goals for their child. We will consult with families & actively seek their ideas and contributions in a variety of ways.

Educators Voice: Children will be guided by a positive teaching approach that will support them in learning to respect and care for themselves and each other whilst also caring for equipment and the environment.
The program will be flexible in providing individual and shared group learning with a balance of child initiated and educator initiated (intentional) learning experiences. Some structured programs and activities will be included in the program to extend children’s learning & development and to support their independence in caring for own health and safety e.g. physical exercise, healthy food and drink choices, dental hygiene, water safety, road safety, sun smart and responsible pet ownership programs.

Community Connections:

We will endeavour to make connections with the wider community to extend learning and improve outcomes for all children. We will seek support and advice from within the wider community for children, families and educators when appropriate.
We will provide a range of social and cultural experiences, develop knowledge of our local community, an awareness of community groups and learn to care and support others in the community.

A sustainable and natural environment:

We value our large outdoor play space and aim to maintain and further develop the natural aspects of the playground. We are committed to using natural, sustainable and recycled resources and equipment both indoors and outdoors where appropriate. We will work towards developing a culture of sustainability within our centre.

Positive Relationships:

Team work is an important aspect of a quality children’s service.
Educators will support and learn from each other through regular reflective practice. We will treat each other fairly and with respect – accepting diversity and recognising and utilising the strengths in each other.
Educators will work collaboratively with families, volunteer parent committee and LMPA to be the best that we can be.

Commitment to continued learning:

We will regularly reflect on and evaluate the program, learning outcomes for the children and our own teaching practices with the aim of continuous improvement in all areas.
We aim to develop a culture of asking questions and being accountable to each other to promote further learning within the team. We will engage in professional development to deliver a service to all families which is up to date with current learning philosophies and practices including: National Laws & regulations, National Quality Standards & the National Quality Framework.

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