Spring Gully Kindergarten

National Quality Standard Rating – Exceeding

Address: 131 Spring Gully Road, Spring Gully VIC 3550 MAP

Email: springgully@shinebright.org.au

Phone: 03 5443 5980


Enrolments for Bendigo and Swan Hill Shine Bright Kindergartens are processed through Central Enrolments at Loddon Mallee Preschool Association (LMPA). Information on how to enrol into a Shine Bright Kindergarten can be found on the LMPA website or contact details below.

W: www.lmpa.org.au
E: enrolments@lmpa.org.au
P: 03 5443 1229

Spring Gully 2021


Educational Team

Nominated Supervisor: Dayna

Educational Leader: Dayna

Educational Team:  Corinna, Marylyn, Gayle, Sandra, Dayna, Lauren, Jenny, Sonia, Sarah, Karen & Rebecca

Our Philosophy

Our Values

  • We value the knowledge, skills and information that all children, families and staff can bring to our Kinder.
  • We value the role of nature and the environments that we set up for children. We believe in the importance of fostering a generation of children who are environmentally responsive and responsible. We offer an indoor/ outdoor program at Kinder, and have a nature program.
  • We believe that learning to take risks is important, and that it has positive impacts on confidence, resilience and physical health.
  • Most importantly, we value the role of play in children’s learning. We offer a play and interest based program as we believe that this promotes children’s learning and development.

Our Commitments

We are committed to ensuring the health, wellbeing and safety of the children, families and staff within our centre. This includes having a focus on the child safe standards. This is reflected in our commitment to ensuring that we promote the participation and empowerment of all children in our service.

We value the importance of healthy communities and are committed to being a health promoting service through our engagement with the Achievement Program.

The Role of Staff

We establish caring and respectful relationships with Children and their Families. Our role is to provide opportunities for play and learning and develop children’s existing knowledge and skills.

We work collaboratively with each other, and with families. Each staff member brings different strengths, skills and interests to our team, and these are very valuable to our Kinder.

It is important as staff members to continue to learn and develop and this is achieved through professional development.

Underpinning the Program

Our program is underpinned by the:

  • Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework
  • Policies and procedures of the Loddon Mallee Preschool Association
  • Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics
  • National Quality Framework
  • Quality Improvement Plan and our commitment to continuous improvement.

What we want our Kinder to be

We want our Kinder to be a warm, inviting and inclusive environment where everybody feels welcome.

We want our Kinder to be an important part of the local community, and to make links with our community.

We want our Kinder to be a beacon for Environmental Education, and this is an ongoing goal that we are working toward.

How we see Children

We see children as having the ability to be confident and competent learners. We encourage the children to become self-motivated learners who engage in enquiry and investigation.

Children are a constant source of amazement and knowledge. They are able to teach us, and their peers, things that we didn’t already know.

Children develop in their own way and at their own rate. Learning looks different in all children.

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