Dear Shine Bright Staff,

We all need a check-up from time to time and the health of our organisation is no exception.

Our staff survey has been developed to provide you with a voice and give you the chance to tell us what is important to you.

All staff are invited to participate in this survey and share your thoughts and opinions as we continue to work towards not only making a difference within the communities that we operate in, but also within our own organisation.

Once again we have included our ‘Message in a Bottle’. This question provides you with an opportunity to provide Suzi with a message/idea/thought that would assist making Shine Bright a better place to work.

The surveys are open from now until 9am Monday 18 October, 2021 Now Extended until COB 26 October 2021.

There are 3 types of surveys that can be completed – permanent, relief and central office staff. We encourage you to complete the most relevant survey to you but also acknowledge that some staff might work as a permanent and a relief employee. In this instance we invite you to complete both surveys, or the one that you feel relates most closely to you.

Find following the relevant links to the staff surveys:

Permanent Staff Survey 2021

Relief Staff Survey 2021

Central Office Staff Survey 2021

I thank you for taking the time to complete the 2021 Staff Survey!

Results will be shared with you in the coming months.

Kind Regards

Belinda and Craig

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