Daniel Andrews has announced that funded kindergarten will be provided free of charge in 2021! This will be available for all families with a child enrolled in funded kindergarten, that is 4 year old kindergarten or 3 year old kindergarten in the Campaspe region in 2021. We await further information regarding unfunded 3 year old kindergarten but we have been informed that it will be provided at reduced fees. This will be applicable in Bendigo and Swan Hill regions.

“It’s all about supporting families… to have that sense of confidence they can provide for those they love the most” Daniel Andrews has said.

“Not only will free kinder save families thousands of dollars – it’ll get more kids into kinder, back early childhood services and workers, and help support more parents, especially women, into the workforce”, early childhood minister Ingrid Stitt said.

Families can hear the announcement from the video below.

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