On National Schools Tree Day, Friday 30th July, the 30 Rosella group Kinder children and 22 Joey group Pre-kinder children at Huntly had a wonderful time planting out the garden area at the front of our new building with 40 native shrubs donated by Epsom Bunnings.  The front mulched garden area had been desperate for some love since we moved into our new centre during 2020 and went from looking very bare to amazing in one day !

We taught the children all about why native bushes are so important as food and shelter for local fauna and how lots of other creatures would also benefit thanks to the nature of the food chain.

It was a great learning experience đŸ™‚

Many thanks to Epsom Bunnings for their generous donation and to Northern Bendigo Landcare Group for nominating us for this project, supplying 10 Whirrakee Wattle shrubs endemic to the Huntly area and preparing all the planting holes.

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