To celebrate National Science week, Strathfieldsaye Kindergarten conducted an experiment with bicarb soda, oil and coloured vinegar to create lava lamps.

Strathfieldsaye kinder friend Rosie had made one of these a few weeks earlier at home and brought it in to share with the group. Rosie was the head scientist during the experiment, and helped the students remember all the steps.

Before starting, the class discussed what a hypothesis is, and how it is like making a guess about what will happen. The class also talked about the concept of ‘reactions’, and how two different things can react when they come together. They then did the experiment to see if the hypothesis was correct

A few of the children thought that the vinegar would be thinner than the oil and would float on top, and some others thought it would be thicker or more dense and sink through the oil to reach the bicarb soda at the bottom. Have a look to see what happened……

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