With the communities along Campaspe River severely impacted by the recent flooding. Stories of community spirit is ’shining’ through what seems like very dark clouds. The staff of the Echuca/Campaspe Shine Bright Kindergartens, have banded together to support families during this time, taking a break from sandbagging to provide families with a supervision option for younger children at not cost. Providing this service has given parents a much needed break, and allowed them to focus on sandbagging the town, knowing their children are safe and preoccupied with qualified educators.

“Our staff are amazing. The past two years have been extremely challenging for all early childhood professionals, with COVID impacting daily activities. For them to give up their time, to provide families in flood affected areas respite, and the ability to therefore provide support to other members of the community shows to the extent our staff will go above and beyond in the community.” said Suzi Sordan, CEO of Shine Bright.

Kindergarten teacher Melinda Simmons who was part of the education team providing respite on the day commented, “The staff of the Campaspe Shine Bright kindergartens are a strong and inclusive group of people who value relationships, community and wellbeing. We want to provide the children of our community a safe place whilst their families battle to save homes, some of those who helped did so whilst their own homes were under threat. We are very proud to provide this support and we hope to continue to offer support in the coming weeks.”

“We wish to thank the staff of all Shine Bright kindergartens for their ongoing support and dedication through the past few difficult years and especially the past weeks” quoted Suzi Sordan, “the benefits to families and the community by our dedicated staff have not gone unrecognised, and we wish to acknowledge their hard work.”

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