Shine Bright EYM – Strathfieldsaye Kindergarten is excited to share with you all that they have received their Assessment and Rating report, and have been rating as Meeting the National Quality Standard! This is a wonderful outcome, and are pleased to share that they are meeting all 7 of the high National Quality benchmarks. 

Nominated Supervisor Sophie Hay would like to share her gratitude to all the wonderful staff, who worked tirelessly during the assessment process.

Check out some excerpts from the report below….

“Children’s learning was maximised, as educators undertook intentional teaching throughout the day.”

“Educators implemented activities for children that were purposeful and deliberate”

“At enrolment children’s interests, skills and what they wanted to learn was collected and documented in their individual plans. These plans were reviewed termly by educators and parents, with the previous identified goals renewed or extended.”

“Children had access to spaces that were welcoming and some spaces were secluded to facilitate for children who did not want to engage in large group activities.”

“Each child was protected and educators effectively supervised at all times”

“Children and educators shared the task of packing away resources throughout the day. The service was cleaned daily and presented as well maintained.”

“Play spaces were inclusive and supported children to be independent and engage in play-based learning.”

“Educators considered children’s dignity and rights with children’s independence encouraged and their cultures and backgrounds respected”

“The service established collaborative partnership to enhance children’s learning and wellbeing. Educators engaged with schools, supporting children’s transition to school”

“The service’s philosophy was reviewed annually with children and families having input, which was documented in the philosophy.”

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