Shine Bright is thrilled to support the Department of Education and Training in the implementation of their new 3 Year Old (3YO) Kindergarten Policy reform.

Where possible Shine Bright is  supporting up to 15 hours of funded 3YO kindergarten for Campaspe children in 2021 but due to size and space requirements of our buildings  this may not always be possible, where this is the case Shine Bright is implementing as many of these hours as we can in support of this new policy reform. We look forward to working with our families to implement this new and exciting change in 2021.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your local early years advisor on 5443 1229.

Q1. Will 3 year old kindergarten be free?
No, 3 year old kindergarten will not be free unless you have a current Health Benefits card, Pensioners card or identify yourself as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, the same criteria used as the 4 year old kindergarten program.

Q2. What will 3 year old kindergarten cost?
The government is funding 3 year old kindergarten as of 2021 in the Campaspe region so fees will be subsidised which will reduce costs significantly when compared to current 3 year old kindergarten fees. Fees will be similar to 4 year old kindergarten which is also funded and dependent upon the hours of kindergarten provided.

Q3. How many hours will be offered?
The government has provided guidance that we can offer anywhere between 5 to 15 hours per week. The hours we offer are dependent upon the infrastructure, what we can accommodate in our buildings. Find below hours offered for each Shine Bright kindergarten in the Campaspe region:

Echuca Central 7.5 hours
Echuca East7.5 hours
Echuca South 7.5 hours
Rochester 7.5 hours/15 hours TBC
Gunbower15 hours
Stanhope 15 hours
Lockington 15 hours
Tongala 15 hours

Q4. What days will 3 year old kindergarten be offered at each kindergarten?
Please note this information is not yet finalised but will be in the near future and will be located on Shine Bright’s website.

Q5. Will sessions be just for 3 year old prekindergarten or will they be combined with 4 year old kindergarten?
Sessions will vary depending upon enrolment numbers. In smaller kindergartens where the number of children are low, 3 year old will be combined with 4 year old kindergarten children. There are many advantages associated with having combined groups which includes providing an enriched experience by having more children together in the smaller kindergartens. The older children can take a more caring and responsible approach towards the young children enhancing more opportunities for social interactions.

Q6. Can I access 15 hours of 3 year old kindergarten in Echuca?
Not at this stage, only one long day of 7.5 hours of 3 year old kindergarten per week.

Q7. When will I be able to access 15 hours of 3 year old kindergarten in Echuca?
At this stage we are unsure, it will depend on our number of enrolments for 3 and 4 year old kindergarten programs and also building capacity.

Q8. My child is Aboriginal, can I still access 15 hours of Early Start Kindergarten?
Yes, this has not changed and will continue.

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