To celebrate this special day we spent time at Yerrin. (Campaspe River).

We explored places here. Looking under logs for leaves and tortoises. 

We said our acknowledgement of country. The children know Auslan signs and some wonderful Dja Dja Wurrung words for parts of our acknowledgement. 

We found that the sour grass had love heart shaped leaves. 

We climbed the hill and spent time undertaking some deep listening. We we were quiet and breathing deeply. WE connected to this place through hearing the Galahs squawk and Waa the crow calling.  

We spent time close to the river; climbing the slippery banks and helping each other negotiate the steep edges to the river. 

After this, we visited Aunty Janet’s house. Aunty Janet let us gather some Lilly Pilly’s from her trees to take back to kindergarten. They were round, pink, and all over the trees. 

We washed the Lilly Pilly’s and took out the pips. We cooked them in a pan with sugar and lemon juice. 

It took a long time but we made jam that was pink. We ate it on rice cakes and it was yummy! 

Happy Children’s Day! 

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