Dear families

If you have a child enrolled in funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten, Early Start Kindergarten or Access to Early Learning this year, you would have received or will shortly receive a Kinder Kit. 

Kinder Kits are activity boxes filled with educational books, toys and activities made especially for three-year-olds to enjoy at home. You can learn more about your Kinder Kit at

Everything inside the Kinder Kits encourages creativity and open-ended play. The box includes great books by Australian authors, toys and activities by local Victorian designers and businesses, tips and ideas to help you engage with the Kit and your child’s learning.  It also unfolds to become a play space with a whiteboard and markers.

All items in the Kinder Kits meet relevant safety standards and are suitable for three-year-olds attending Kinder. A small number of items have small parts and are not suitable for use by children under three years of age.  These are the whiteboard markers and the magnetic whiteboard eraser, which has a small magnet embedded in the middle of it.

These items have been clearly marked with suitable warnings on the outer packaging and should only be used for their intended purpose. If you have a child under three, please keep these items where they don’t have access to them. As with all toys for children of all ages, parents and carers should always check before use and discard when there is wear and tear.

We hope you and your child enjoy exploring the contents of the kits and continue learning through play at home.

Kind regards

Shine Bright EYM

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