Strathfieldsaye Kindergarten

National Quality Standard Rating – Meeting

Address: 40-44 Club Court, Strathfieldsaye VIC 3551 MAP


Phone: 03 5439 5577

Strathfieldsaye 2021


Educational Team

Nominated Supervisor: Sophie

Educational Leader: Sophie

Educational Team:  Nicole, Melita, Stacey, Jenny, Sophie, Lucy, Nicole & Vicki

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child has the right to belong to a learning community where they are nurtured and supported to reach their full potential. Children learn best through open ended, child-focussed play supported by attentive educators who facilitate, scaffold and respond intentionally to children’s interests.

We view children as being competent engineers of their own learning and strive to provide a stimulating, natural environment which encourages children to explore, investigate, wonder and learn. We highly value the outdoor environment and believe it is crucial to expose children to the natural world at every opportunity.

We highly value the role of the family as the child’s first and foremost teacher and seek to build open, respectful relationships in order to create the best learning outcomes for all children. We acknowledge the importance of family and community involvement in preparing children to be active and responsible participants of society into the future.

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